Blogging and Introduction

What is a Blog?
A blog is a form of web diary or journal in which an author publishes to other like minded bloggers within a networked online community sometimes referred to as the Blogosphere.

They use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) as the syndication/distribution model so that the blog can be subscribed to and the posts can be read using software called a "feed reader" or an aggregator.

Useful Links
  1. Blog entry on wikipedia
  2. Blogging, RSS Feeds and Podcasting for Libraries, Sean Fitzgerald, 2005
  3. Video: Blogs in plain English by CommonCraft
  4. Video: RSS in Plain English by commoncraft
  5. Wordpress Blogs External

External worpress has a multi-user Wordpress based blogging/podcasting/vodcasting platform available for staff and students. The entry point is and is available on the internet.

Some blogs access the Blubrry Powerpress which when installed enables blogs to used for a podcast or vodcast. This enables a full iTunes compliant rss feed available for subscription. All files can be uploaded and stored on the server, in this sense it works a s a media repository as well.