Viddler what is it?

Viddler is a platform for video publishers

Viddler was built by a team of talented developers, designers, and architects. Individually, our members have experience with companies like Macromedia, IBM, 9rules, and rackspace. They're based in various locations around the world: Poland, Arizona. Pennsylvania. and Ohio office.

What you can do with viddler

  • Upload as many videos as you want—you get nearly unlimited space with Viddler
  • Record videos directly to the site using your webcam!
  • Post comments and tags at specific points in the video engage in conversation
  • Share your videos with RSS and iTunes

What can Viddler do for you?

Easily get your videos online

With Viddler, there are two simple ways to get your video online. You can upload a video through the Batch Uploader, which lets you upload multiple files at once, or you can use the Simple Uploader, which doesn't use Flash.
If you have a web cam, you can easily record a video directly to Viddler on the Record page. This is a great, quick way to participate in memes (like 5 things or MeTodays).
You can also add your videos to groups (communities inside of Viddler built around a specific topic or interest). It's a neat way to participate in Viddler and get to know others.

Viddler vidget
Get a custom Viddler vidget you can put in your blog or website! A vidget is a collection of videos inside one video player. You put videos into your vidget by aggregating them from tags, users, or groups. Just fill out the form below and copy the resulting embed code.
Did you know Viddler also has a Facebook app? Add the application to share videos with your friends, right in Facebook. If you have a Wordpress blog, we also have a plugin to allow your users to leave video comments. Check out our wiki for more information.
A WordPress plugin that enables video comments on blog posts via Viddler’s API, featured videos on the Wordpress admin Dashboard, and an easy-to-use interface to publish videos from within Wordpress’ “Publish panel”.
This plugin is now on the official Wordpress plugin directory. This means that you can now install it from inside the latest versions of Wordpress and upgrades can be done automatically!